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Are You Fed Up Of Fat, Fad Diets & Failure? Are Your Ready To Lean The REAL Secrets of Safe, Sustainable Weigt Loss, and Sexy-ness?? You KNOW Your Confident, Sexy, Motivated, Successful Self Is Just Bursting To Get Out! Let’s  Say F**k You To That Fat & Make It Happen!

Dear Future Sexy Warrior,

 I’m so pleased you’ve found your way to this page. This means your time has come, and what lies before you is quite literally the ‘Warrior Code’ to weight loss, confidence, sassiness… and the start of a WHOLE new journey. I know that sounds a tad dramatic. But sometimes we need a little drama and theatricality to push us forwards, and show us the way, no?

My name is Wayne Dharana and (as you may know) I’m a nationally acclaimed Rapid Results Hypnotist, Motivational Mind Set Coach, and Weight Loss Expert. I’m Better known as ‘The Life Confidence Warrior’.

Over the next few minutes I want to tell you where you’ve been going wrong, and why you were NEVER going to get the results you wanted in terms of Fat loss by utilising the fad diets, ‘Magic Pills’ and ‘weight loss clubs’ you’ve been spoon fed. I’m here to tell you it’s NOT your fault, and to help you take the steps that CAN truly lead to a slim, sexy body; the motivation and energy you feel you’ve ben lacking and the self confidence you feel you’re missing (and rember you used to have) Just keep reading, and all will be revealed…

I get SO many emails, messages and phone calls from women (probably very similar to you) who feel like they’ve tried EVERYTHING to get the body they desire and it seems like it is a losing battle. And the reality is: quite often it actually IS.

It’s Not Your Fault!

Effective Weight Loss Derby

I want you think about how the diet creators  make their money? It’s from selling their books about weight loss of course. And if you look at the books they have written then quite often you will see they have written MANY books on the subject of Weight Loss… Surely if their method worked then their catalogue of publications would have ended after their first book?? Presumably no others would be needed…. The reality with diets is that people rarely stick to them anyway, and once you stop the ‘juice diet’ or ‘cabbage diet’ or ‘Eat Only Vegetable Peelings Whilst Standing On Your Head’ diet the weight just balloons up again…

Now think abou the ‘Weight Loss Clubs’.. It COULD be said that they are just taking your own control away? Sure you may lose the odd pound here and there… but doesn’t it seem like once you stop attending the weight just piles on again? Doesn’t it seem like unless you spend God knows how much on special, pre-packed meals you just never make any sizable loss… except to the balance in your bank account.

It’s the same with these Weigh Loss Pills…. More often than not you are signed up to a ‘recurring’ monthly subscription for the ‘Amazing Miracle, Lose 20lbs overnight’ Pills, and yet IF they worked surely you would only need a couple of pills and then you’d be where you wanted?

So, it seems like there are SO many people ready to lead you down the garden path, and take your money. There are SO many techniques, diets, clubs, pills, gadgets, and plans…. so, what is the real secret… What is the one thing that has been ‘conveniently’ missed out of all of these that is the reason you just can’t get there?? It’s simpler than you thing…

You Need To Train Your Mind To Be a ‘Control Warrior’. . .

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Thats right, the one thing that is missing from the immense collection of ‘options’ out there is the SELF responsibility and control element. Sure they may casually mention ‘Be Disciplined’ but they don’t tell you how, or make it happen! And the one thing that can take you from flabby, Exasperated and un-sexy to fabulous and in shape is warrior style control.

They want you to keep feeling ‘desperate’ and like you can’t control things yourself- because you keep buying the books, the pills, the diets… and hey presto the money keeps flowing.

You need to take the responsibility away from the clubs, and pills and diets and bring it right back to you.. and then you need to be shown how to bost your motivation, your energy, your self control in order to make the weight start dropping away. Once you are able to accept that the power is in YOUR hands you’ll be amazed at how quickly things start to changed.

But is It Really That Simple?? 

Honesty? A big whole hearted, Flab-Blastingly Fantastic YES. The reality is we all know what the key is to losing weight and getting the figure you want. Ultimately, you need to eat less and exercise more. Any extra ‘Fat Luggage’ you may be carrying sure hasn’t arrived over night- and in the same way it’s arrived, it can be banished again.

But of course,  you need direction, support, specific expert steps and perhaps the occasinal kick up the arse (only metorphoricaly speaking of couse) to get these changes made… AND you need those ‘missing’ pieces of the jigsaw – the actual systems and techniques to put YOU back in control and to raise your will power, self esteem, motivation and energy… And that is why I’d like to present to you the ‘Fat-Fighting Warrior Living ‘ Program….

The Solution…

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The ULTIMATE 1-1 Fat-Fighing Program to Put YOU back in Control, and & Bring Sexy Back Where It Belongs: In Your Life!! This is the premium weight loss hypnosis program

I’ve decided to do something that I didn’t think I was going to do again… I like my travel, and I like my freedom, and I didn’t want to be tied down to an office.. BUT I’ve decided to open up a VERY limited opportunity to work with me personally, 1-1 , in person. And after realising the level of frustration, heart ache, sadness, anger and plain old exasperation there is out there I have also decided to do something CRAZY with the price… Though I don’t know how long for.

But anyway, let me first tell you about the program I have put together: what it includes, how it can help put YOU back in control and why you should get in touch today if this is something you want to be part of…

The Fat Melting, Warrior Program ‘Nuts & Bolts’….

So, essentially this is a five week coaching program. That means you get 5 one on one sessions with me, in person at my glamourous new office in Derby… During Our Time Together we focus on the ‘whys’ of where you are but leave excuses behind.

We focus on boosting your will power, Self-confidence, Self Esteem, Motivation.. As well as on the ‘Day To Day’ techniqies to boost your metablolism and burn the calories. But you also get much, MUCH more…

Module 1 :  6 Face To Face Warrior Sessions


Obviously, every client is unique- so each session is unique. But in thes 1-1 sessions we will address questions like why you eat when you do? how much You eat? What are your worst ‘fat’ habbits? why do you want to change? What is your BIGGEST challenge when it comes to weight loss?

Then we will use a mixture of Rapid Results Hypnosis, NLP, Complete Mind Therapy as well as good old fassioned accountability and life management techniques to get you to a place where you take 100% control back, and are able to watch the calories and the fat just meting away- whilst feeling confident, controled, motivated and ‘On fire’ with focus!! Normally I charge £99 for just ONE ‘Warrior Session’.
Value: £595


Module 2: Back Up Audio Support
IPODI know that I can’t be there all the time, and truthfully I don’t want to be! I Want YOU to start taking control back and getting results. BUT that journey requires support, motivation, inspiration and the odd kick up the arse- so you will also get from me various auido session in Mp3 format that you can download and listen to whenever you feel the need. Itmight be the ‘Daily Fat Busting Affirmations’ or the ‘Warrior Hypnosis Program’ to help you boost your motivation or energy. Whatever support you need you will surely find it in the audio programs provided!
Value: £97



Module 3: Fat Busting Warrior ‘Home Work’ & SOS Support
Module 3
We all know that change often doesn’t happen overnight, and quite often we need that ‘nudge’ (there’s the ‘kick up the arse’ again) to get us to where we need to be. So, for that reason I like make sure I’m ‘On it like a car Bonnet’ in terms of helping to keep you focussed and and on track. I’ll be sending you ‘bonus’ exercises & techniques to do in between our face to Face Sessions. I want to make sure my focus is on you, and my time in dedicated you so that you have no excuses, and get the Results you want. Along side this, you get use of my private, client only email address AND text message SOS line for dedicated support- for those times you feel like you’re having a ‘bad moment’ or if you’re unsure how to cope or deal with a certain situation. Remember, this is an immersive coaching experience. NOT just ‘hypnotherapy’.
Value: Invaluable.


Module 4 : The Meal Plans – 6 Weeks of ‘Fat Busting’ Meals.

Weekly Meal Plans
During your programme we’ll discuss how Diets are NOT the answer, and neither are strict meal plans. But, I apreciate it’s easy to get off track, and sometimes havng to think about what the healthy options are can be a pain. So, I’ve had my professional, accredited Nutrionalist put together 6 week’s worth of meal plans. The aim with these were to ensure they didn’t seem like a diet, didn’t cut out the foods most people love BUT still get you results. We spent a lot of time and expense researching this, and you can get it as part of your VIP 1-1 program.
Value £147



Get Started Today

You might, now be wondering what kind of price I’ll be expecting for this kind of intense support, and this level on 1-1 coaching, with all this back up support. The relality is that the cost of JUST my time for 6 one-one sessions would normally set you back £600+- and that is only IF I was seeing clients.

When you take everythign else into account in terms of the after care support, the audio programs, the meal plans, the personalised email support it would not be unreasonable to say that the value would be close to £1000… It’s not unsual for a ‘Bootcamp’ style weekend program to charge in excess of £800… and that’s ONLY for 3-4 days of support and exercise…. This is why I think that offering EVERYTHING listed above for a single one off payment of just £497 (The equivelent of just £70 per 1.5 hour session…with everything else thrown in for free seems like a bargain of a deal!!

But having only just opened my new office in Derby, I want to do somethings a tad ridiculous….I want to BURST onto the scene with glitter, fireworks, sequins and results…  So I’m going to go one step further….. I’m going to offer everything above for a RIDICULOUS price of just £397….

Product & Get Started

Now, the reality is,  I am sat outside a coffee shop, in the sunshine and am feeling serine, and generou as I write this BUT may yet come to my senses… As my lime and mint cooler glistens in the sun it seems like a good idea.But I can Guarntee this will NOT last for long.

To clarify, this offer means you will be getting a premium service for a bargain basement price! At £397 you are actually getting my 1-1 coaching for less than £70 per hour…. And are then getting everything else listed above for FREE…

Is There A Catch??

In a nutshell…. Yes. The catch is, I want no time wasters on this program and I am ONLY working with a maximum of 10 clients at this price. As a result this offier is likely to expire VERY quickly… and depending on demand you will either see the ‘new Price’ when you click the Get Started Link.. or it will mean that you will be shown a page offering you the chance to go onto a waiting list.

In addition I want this to be a RESULTS based program, and I want to work only with commited and results focussed people. For this reason I will be doing a Telephone consltation/ assessment with anyone who signs up.

So, are you ready to take the first step to change everything??

Get Started Today

Here’s to your success!

Wayne D Sig

P.S. This will be a very limited offer, and I cannot keep these bonuses up for ever. So, if you are SERIOUS about changing your body, and your life then click above to get on the program, or arrange a free consultation over the phone with me!