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Are Your Ready To Finally  Learn The REAL Secrets of Safe, Sustainable Weight Loss, & Tranform Your Body with an Immersive one-to-one 6 week program? Only 2 Spaces Availible.

Derby HypnotherapistAre You finally ready to start geting results and feeling sexy and fabulous again? Are you fed up of diet after diet, faulire after failure, and constantly being unhappy with your body? Do you get really hacked off with empty promises about the new ‘Miricle pill’ or body wrap? Well this could be just what you’ve been waiting for! Derby’s Premier Weight Loss Solution

My name is Wayne Dharana and I’m a Master Motivational Mindset Coach, and Rapid Results Hypnotist. Having worked with Sky One’s Resident Weight Loss Expert Steve Miller, as well as having recently been included in ‘hello’ magazine’s online blog as one of the U.K’s ‘Top 10 Hypnotherapists’* I know what I’m talking about when it comes to RESULTS and feeling fabulous. I have put together a weight loss program, exclusively for Derby and the surrounding area, which is VERY different to what you may be used to.

Weight  Loss Failure? It’s Not Your Fault!

The reality is that all these diet books, slimming clubs, magic pills, miricle 15 minute workouts are designed for you to fail. That way, you stay ‘under the control’ of the diet companies… you keep buying boooks, and pills, and plans… and you keep lining their pockets. The real secret to losing weight is in your head. This program is about you taking control, staying in control, and radically changing your life, and your body.

Now, I have to be clear. I’m picky with who I work with. And this program is about RESULTS not simply about diets and workouts. I give everything to my clients and as such I only work with a maximum of 7 clients at any one time. Currently only 5 of those slots remain, for my next  6 week program client intake, in March. It’s an entirely one to one personal attention based program- but I prefer to stick to this limit so I can give you my all.

What is the Program, & Do You Qualify?

Weight Loss Derby

 This program is very much unlike any program you may have encountered already. This is what I call a ‘Mind Over Platter’ weight loss program. It’s a very straight talking, results driven program. Over the 6 weeks we don’t talk about workout regimes and gyms. We don’t even talk about diets and calorie counting. In fact, we simply focus on making the core, root level changes that we need to make in your mind (and life) to finally help you see results- quickly. Together we boost your motivation, irradicate the distructive habits, blast your self confidence through the roof, harness your hidden self control, and stack everything together so that you have no choice other than to get results. Once your mind is in the right place your body can only follow. Try ‘feeling’ sad, but being happy? It just doesn’t work. The reality is I ONLY get results. Does that sound likes it’s making more sense than the last diet book you read?

In this program you get the chance to work with me face to face, one on one, every single week. In these sessions we will be utilise hypnosis, NLP, Motivational Coaching, Accountability Coaching and more – to change your thoughts & habbits which will enable you to change your body, and your life.  This program may be for you if:

  • You’ve tried and failed with diets and have always felt like something is ‘missing’ and holding you back. 
  • You’ve struggled for years to manage your weight, feel like nothing has worked, and are ready to give up.
  • You HATE the gym and wish there was a way to get the body you want without it!
  • Your Self Esteem & Confidence is at an all time low, and you have been feeling like you don’t even ‘deserve’ to have a body you’re proud of.
  • You are DESPERATE to finally get results.
  • You are ready Start a fresh  & move forward-  prepared to be committed and say ‘NO’ to whinging.

As Part of this unique, immersive one to one weight loss program, that’s designed to help you say Goodbye to FLAB and hello to FAB, you get the following to support and push you on your journet:

  • 6 x Weekly 1-1 Coaching Session– Each week you get upto 90 minutes of coaching, utilising Accountability Coaching, Hypnosis, Motivational Coaching & Barrior Busting Strategies, Hypno-Habit Formation.. These sessions are designed to make your motivation sky-rocket, your self esteem and belief explode, and your will power and self control become your best assets.More than this, you have the bonus of knowing you’ll be seeing me again in a week’s time- so that ‘cheating’ you used to do, stops.
  • Membership To My VIP Secret  Facebook Weight Loss Group– Here you get ongoing support and encouragment- not only from me but from other LOCAL clients facing the same challenges. This is your chance to build new friendships and suport networks & stay connected with success, and practical techniques.
  • Downloadable Hynotic Audios  – These MP3s and recordings are designed to make sure that success is the only option. Listened to regularly in between session they will ensure that your ‘fab factor’ remains, and you stay on track between our meetings.
  • The ‘F Off To Fat’ Tool Kit– It addition to the downloadable audios to support your progress you will even get a full resource kit to keep you on track. These are the tools, work-books and strategies that are proven to provide long term results.
  • SOS support – I’m not a ‘once a week’ kind of guy! You have the faciility to stay in touch and utillise addiitional support between sessions- so if you hit a road block… or find yourself struggling with will power when that pack of biscuits get’s opened at work I’m at the end of the phone- just drop me a text, and I’ll reply with tips to keep you on track, and encouragement.
  • 6 Weeks of Example Meal Plans – This is a DIET FREE program. I will provide you with 6 weeks of example meal plans (designed by my resident nutritionalist) that show you how you can shed the pounds, and keep feeling fab- without cutting out the ‘nice stuff’. You get to learn about the 80/20 rule that means you never have to follow diets again.
  • Motivational Emails & Bonus Gifts- Once you’re a client of mine, you have me around for the long haul. You’ll regularly get bonus techniques, tips and downloads- as well as motivational emails at those times when you may need it most!

Your Thing? Are You Ready For Weight Loss Success?

If you think that you could be the perfect fit for this program and want the chance to have an expert motivational coach, Rapid Results Hypnotist, and Weight Loss Expert working along side you 100% of the way to make sure you get results, then please fill in the form to apply today. Once we have recieved your details you will get a personal call from me where we can discuss, together , where you’re at and where you want to be. During this call I’ll be able to get a feel for if you are the right fit to work with me. IF you’re the right fit, and have met the criteria above we can get you signed up, ready for your first 1-1 session. You won’t look back.