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Weight Loss Derby- What’s The Answer?

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Weight Loss Derby

Weight Loss can be a challenge.. In Derby you may be in luck!

If you’re in Derby or anywhere around Derbyshire, and are  looking to lose weight– you may (quite literally) be at a loss! It seems like there are so many options- and everyone is promising the earth! So, in this short post I want to look at what the options are and which weight  loss programs may not be what they seem.

What’s Your Weight Loss Challenge?

So, the first thing you need to look at, is ‘what is your main battle?’ when it comes to trying to shift those excess pounds? It is that your motivation just isn’t in the right place? Is it that you do workout, or take part in exercise clasess but still can’t seem to start the fat burning. Or do you know that your diet just isn’t where it shoud be and you’re struggling to get rid of the old habits? Where you’re at right now will have a big bearing on what the right choice is for you. The key thing, is to try and make sure that whichever option you choose it is putting YOU in control, and ensuring you are not having to rely on a particular product or service in the long term. This is where the weight loss industry fails so many: you’re left in a postion where if you stop with the ‘flab watchers’ meals or come off the particular  diet the fat baloons back on again. And, then you’re back to square one!

Derby Weight Loss Options…

Derby (and I’m sure many other cities and towns around derbyshire or Nottinghamshire) , like many locations in the UK has a few different options, in terms of where you could start if you’re looking to lose weight. These range from local weight loss and exercise classes, right through to slimming clubs and more. Lete run over the benefits of each.

  • Slimming Clubs- These can be effective sometimes if you’re wanting to get back into a weight loss mindset. The problem, quite often they rely on you following particular branded meal plans or diets, and having other people around who don’t have great self control can often lead you to be ‘more leniant’ on yourself which doesn’t lead to long term fat burning results.
  • New Diets- No, no, no. Diets are not designed to be long term , and as I’m sure you already know they are a challenge to stick to even in the short term. I’ll say again, diets are not the solution to long term weight management.
  • Gym or Exerise Classes- For sure, this is a great option so long as you keep it up and are doing the ‘right’ exercises for your body type/ metabolic rate etc. A personal trainer is a great idea. The problem is it’s easy to skip a class or a workout without the right support.
  • Weight Loss Hypnotherapy– Well, the truth is that hypnosis on it’s own just ain’t going to cut the mustard. It is no good having an hour of relaxing and imagining yourself getting slimmer. It must be followed up with work and adjustments to diet etc. If you’re considering hypnotherapy to help you to lose weight then choose carefully and see what is included along side the hypnosis. Also, consider: is the hypnotherapist fat themselves? Is so, are they the best option for helping you hit your goals?

What’s The Best Weight Loss Solution In Derby?

The reaity is you want something that is going to combine all of the above, essentially. There needs to be adjustments to diet and lifestyle. But, there also needs to be assistance with mindset, motivation and changing habits. You want to make the foods you eat better but to do it without a diet. You want to burn more calories- but not rely on a gym to get you there- as it’s too easy to make excuses and not attend.

If you’re serious about losing weight, feeling fabulous and finally starting to hot your goals again, then perhaps consider the ‘fat busting’ program I offer in Derby. To find out more you can Click Here or you can give me a call on 01332 289574. I only work with 6 clients at any one time but it is an immersive 6 week program that is designed to help you sky rocket your motivation, feel fabulous, shed the pounds- and keep them off. But, all without diets or short term gimmicks.

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Wayne Dharana is a Renownd Rapid Ressults Hypnotist & Coach who helps take his client's lives to the next level. Specialising in working with Entrepreneurs and Success Driven Inidividuals Increase their success, and smash through barriers- Wayne is also avalible to offer one to one coaching to help a limited amount of clients in the U.K. Lose Weight, Stop Smoking, Lose weight & Generally 'Be The Warrior'!

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