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Thankyou For Your Application To Join Derby’s Premier Weight Loss Program! I’ll Be In Touch Soon To Carry Out Your Free Consultation & Assessment!

Important Information: Please Read Below

Derby HypnotherapistYou will recieve an email from me shortly confirming that I have recieved your application. This will come from wayne@waynem21.sg-host.com This is my primary email address, and all emails sent here come to my personal inbox. Ths is aso the ONLY emails address I use when sending client messages, or call scheduling emails.

Please make your you whitelist my email address, so you don’t miss any improtant updates. You wil also recieve a call from me within the next 24-48 hours. As I’m aware that most people are unavailible to take calls during the day time, I tend to call in the evening. If another time would be better please email me directly to request a better suited timeslot. If you’ve not subbmitted an accurate phone number, or want to update it then again, just srop me an email. There are no robots here- just me and my team!

Depending on your network provider, my phone number MAY show as ‘with-held’ on a mobile phone So, over the next 48 hours please answer any calls- as I do not want you to miss the opportunity.  In the call we’ll discuss:

  • Where You’re at right now, and where you want to be?
  • What Your biggest weight loss struggle has been?
  • What You have you tried before?
  • What Your weight loss goals are worth to yoy.
  • Why  You feel like NOW is the time for you?
  • What my ‘style’ of Coaching  is.

If you miss my call I will leave a message. I will call upto 2 times after which (due to the volume of applications) I will not be able to  follow up again. I’m really looking forward to talking to you!

Let’s turn Flab to FAB!

Wayne D Sig