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Derby Hypnotherapist

If you’re wondering whether the programs or services I offer are right for YOU then you’re in the right place.

You may have noticed that I tend to offer ‘Programs’ rather than a rate for ‘hypnotherapy by the hour’. The reason for this is I do not simply offer ‘hypnotherapy’ I offer results and solutions.

In my years of experience I know that the best way to do this is by creating packages that include my tried and tested techniques and resources. My focus tends to be on on offering Programs that are focussed around self esteem, confidence, weight loss and ‘Mind Set’.

So, it could be said that a range of ‘conditions’ fit into these categories- ranging from Phobia Removal, Career Performance, help with stammering & Stuttering, or even help with social or ‘triggered’ anxiety.

If you feel that that you’d like to discuss how I could help you in more detail, and don’t think that one of my existing programs is quite right for you then please arrange a Free Telpehone consultation with me… which will give us 30 minutes to get a better understanding of where you’re at, and where you want to be. Following that, I can put together a custom program for you and we can go from there.

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