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New OfficeSo here’s the thing: if you’re here then I’m guessing you’re looking for results and for some kind of ‘change’ in your life. I’m guessing that you’re wanting to find that ‘someone’ that can give you that push… that ‘boost’ to get you from where you are to where you want to be. The good news? I think you’ve found that person! The Life Confidence Warrior is here to save the day!! 😉

On a serious note, I work in quite a different way to a lot of ‘hypnotherapists’ so, if you’re expecting to just lie down on a couch, listen to whale song and think of rainbows you might be in for a shock!

I do use some of the time tested tools that may have heard of, such as NLP, Hypnosis, Complete Mind Therapy etc but I am VERY results focussed and I’m very direct. I work using my own version (or ‘model’ if we’re getting posh) of hypnosis. I call it Rapid Results Hypnosis. If I want you hypnotised then you’ll be hypnotised in a matter of seconds… this will NOT be a chance to just lay back and close your eyes for an hour. After all, you’re paying me- so I’m going to presume you expect more than that. And if you don’t, then you should!!
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The Rapid Results Session you have with me will actually include a lot of work with your eyes open, as well as some work with you in deep trance to help make those ‘deep rooted’ changes that often need to be made.

With any clients I see we have a couple of rules (or as I call it ‘The Warior’s Crede’) and two of those are:
NO Excuses

Only the truth Gets Our Time…

This mean’s a few things. Firstly it means I’m not here to hear a list of excuses about why you are where you are. The one simple truth? You ARE where you are! My job is to help you make the changes required to get you somewhere new. My job is to be honest, direct and hold YOU accountable for your actions.

The second thing it means is we will be honest with each other from day one. If you want help getting the body you desire then you’re gonna hear the ‘F’ Word. (and that’s FAT…. though the other does crop up occasionally I’ll admit) because until we face and accept where we are we can’t move forward.

Whatever your past may have held before…from the moment we start working together Things. Start. Changing. So, whether you want to lose weight or even Stop Smoking you’re in the right place!

From the moment we start working together I’m here for you. I’m here to push you, inspire you, motivate you, and help YOU to live the life you only imagined before.

The question isn’t whether my approach works, it is whether YOU are ready for the ride??
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