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Are Your Ready To Finally Stop Smoking, & Become a Happy, Healthy, Confident Non Smoker- In just 90 Minutes? No Cravings! No Side Effecs! No Weight Gain!

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Derby HypnotherapistAre You finally ready to let go of the habit that’s costing you tour time, your money, your health- and that could ultimately cost you your life? Have you tried and failed before to stop smoking- only to decide that it’s too hard, or that you just can’t do it. STOP it! Or, as I my program is entitled ‘No Butts! Just Stop!’ This is a stop smoking program like no other!

It’s Not Your Fault You’ve Not Quit Yet!

The reality that the whole tobacco industry is built on making you belive that you are chemically addicted to smoking. More specifically that yoy are chemically addicted to Tobacco. But, you’re being lied to. Whilst there is an ‘element’ of checmical addiction built in to the habit of smoking, the reality is that it is not the chemical that’s the problem. It is MOSTLY just your mind; the Neuro-Pathways that build habits, and make you ‘feel’ like you just couldn’t cope without a cigarette. And, here’s where I come in….

My name is Wayne Dharana and I am a fully certified Clinical Hypnotherapist currently based in Derby. Along side this I am also an experience coach who is trained in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Prgramming- or ‘how your brain effects your actions) as well as being trained in ‘Complete Mind Thereapy’ and ‘Subconcious Analysis & Reprogramming’ but my really speciality is in working with Rapid Results Hypnosis, which allows me to help individuals, just like you stop smoking and also change life long habits. These permenent changes can be made in in just a single 90 minute session. Forget Panpipes, and Hippy vibes. This is ‘Hypnotherapy on Steroids’ – Designed to work to rapidly strip smoking from your life, and  change your life for the better- for good!

What is the Stop Smoking Program, & Do You Qualify?

 Stop Smoking Hypnosis DerbyThis program is very much unlike any Stop Smoking Program you may have encountered already. For a start, we begi with you stepping outside for a cigerette… I call this program the ‘No Butt! Just Stop’ prgram!

Whilst this is a single, 90 minute session you will be amazed at what we achieve in our time together. This isn’t about simply hypnotising you to ‘not like cigarettes’ any more. This is about totally rewiring how your brain is currently working, so that it’s almost as though you go back in time to become a ‘Non Smoker’ rather than have to try and fight the urges. The urges jusr are not there.

In this ,The Premier Stop Smoking Solution in Derby,you work with me face to face, in a  1-1 session and during this session we use a power pack of tools and techniques to work on every element of yourself. This isn’t just about you ‘qutting’. This is about you becoming the most powerful version of yourself that you can be. You become your ‘best self- and smoking is just not part of this New you.

We work together to:

  • Skyrocket your will-power & Self Control– Ever felt like it’s just too hard to stick to new lifestyle choices, or too hard to form new habits? We deal with that. With your will power at new heights, you’ll feel the impact in every area of your life.
  • Irradicate Stress & Replace With Serenity– I here it SO often ‘smoking helps me deal with stress’. The relaity is, we have (as a nation.. or culture) built totally wrong, automated reactions to stress. During your session we re-prorgam your mind to behave totally differently. You stop feeling so ‘stressed’ because now you’ll be acutely aware of what you can and can’t control, and you’ll be working from a place of positivity and productivity. Frankly, you just won’t get so concerned with what’s going on around you- because you know you can deal with things. You stop smoking, and start coping!
  • Produce A New Found Self Confidence– You’ll realises you just don’t ‘need’ cgarettes anymore because you feel great, you feel in control, and you know that cigarettes don’t have any power over you. You won’t have to rely on cigarettes as that ‘Crutch’ any more you’ll just feel confident, happy, healthy.
  • Allow Quitting For GOOD with No Side Effects!- That’s right, no replacing one habit with another. No nicotine replacement, no weight gain…. we revert back to before you smoked, when the habit hadn’t even developed. With this system of working you realise you don’t need any of these gimmicks that are designed to keep you ‘hooked’ on Nicotine.

As Part of this unique, immersive one to one Stop Smoking Program You Get:

  • The ‘No Butts! Just Stop!’ One to One Session– This is when we make the bulk of all changes required. This is your chance to spend 90 minutes to 2 hours where we focus only on YOU and use the powerpack of tools at our disposal to stop you smoking, change your life, as you become a happy, healthy, confident Non Smoker.
  • SOS support– I don’t stop supporting you once you walk out the door. This is a premium Stop Smoking Program.You have my personal email, personal mobile number there at the end of the phone or laptop to give you additional support if needed. (The relaity is, you won’t need this- But I still will LOVE to hear how your new Smoke-Free life is- So, stay in touch!)
  • Downloadable Hypnotic Audios  – These MP3s and recordings are designed to make sure that success is the only option. Based on your habits and lifestyle, and your own ‘smoking story’ I’ll advise when and how to listen to your Rapid Results Hypnosis Download to give you even more of a ‘Power Boost’ after our session!

Does This Sound Like Your Thing? Are You Ready To Finally Stop Smoking?

If you thing you think this is exactly what you’ve been looking for, then please fill on the form below so we can have a chat, and if you’re a good fit I can get you booked in. I’m quite picky with who I work with, as I can only work with 3 smokers per week around my current schedule- But if you’ve dreamt of quitting and know that NOW is your time, then I want to hear from you!  During this call I’ll be able to get a feel for if you are the right fit to work with me.  Here’s to YOUR Smoke-Free Life!