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Derby Hypnotherapy- Is It Worth It?

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Derby Hypnotherapy

If you’re looking for a  hypnotherapist in Derby then  you may be wondering whether hypnosis is even worth the money and whether hypnotherapy is the right solution to YOUR problem. Well, being the rock and roll kind of guy that I am, and never one to shy away from a little critique I thought I would present you with a balanced argument and some useful info on whether this form of treatment is right for what you’re looking for.

The reality is, whether it be hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming, or more general  ‘physchotherapy’ these kinds of talking based solutions have been on offer for years now. It used to be that finding a hypnotherapist was quite a challenge, and there were perhaps only one or two in each town (at the most) but these days it has become what is quite a saturated market. You used to be able to be quite sure that the professional you wer going to see would be able to deliver results, and you could certainly be sure that they were competent. Now, in the Derby area  alone you have a choice of over 20 different hypnotherapists – and that doesn’t include all the other talking based therapy options. In addition, hypnotherapy seems to have become synonimous with relaxation… and frankly, relaxaton doesn’t get results!

Derby Hypnotherapy Options & Expectations

So, we already know there are a tonne of different options throught the derbyshire area. How do you know whether any of them offer the right solution for you, and whether they are going to get you results. Well, that depends on a few different factors. Firstly, what’s your expectation – in terms of the end result you’re looking to get. Are you hoping to go for a single hypnosis coaching session and suddenly lose 5st in a week? If so, then it’s not the right option for you. Are you simply wanting to be able to de-stress, and relax, and be taught some techniques to help you feel less anxious moving forward, in your life? You are? Well, traditional ‘clinical hypnotherapy‘ could be the perfect solution for you. But, the situation is every individual coach or hypnotherapist will have their own style, and approach. So, really you should always:

  • Do you research- Look at reviews and also at the info on the website that explain about their specific approach. What are their qualifications? What are there areas of expertise?
  • Arranage a short, free consultation- Any practitioner worth their salt will be able to give you 15-30 minutes of their time so you can get to know them, and see if you gel. This doesn’t need to be face to face. For examples, I offer a free 30 minute telephone consultation with clients looking to work with me. It gives both of us a chance to see if we fit.
  • Are they desperate?- Some local hypnotherapists or life coaches will have a list of treatments they claim to assist with that is longer than the Oxford Dictionary. Think logically. How could any practitioner be a true expert in every area? Go with an expert, not a generalist. My expertise falls into 4 arears: Weight Loss, Success Thinking/Living, Habit Removal (stop smoking hypnosis etc)  and sky rocketing Self Confidence

Once you’ve gone through that checklist and done you’re own research you’ll know in your own gut whether you’re making the right choice. Trust your insticts. Remember hypnotherapy isn’t necessarily a ‘miricale cure’ but if you’re needing a way to repidly change certain areas of your life, it can have a powerful effect.

If you are looking for a Derby based hypnotherapist, then feel free to contact me to arrange your free consultation. I work utilizing a ‘Rapid Results Hypnosis’ system, and combining with a myriad of other tools to get results quickly, and for the the long term. You call Call me on 01332 289574- or fill in any of the forms across this site, to get more info. I look forward to speaking to you!

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Wayne Dharana is a Renownd Rapid Ressults Hypnotist & Coach who helps take his client's lives to the next level. Specialising in working with Entrepreneurs and Success Driven Inidividuals Increase their success, and smash through barriers- Wayne is also avalible to offer one to one coaching to help a limited amount of clients in the U.K. Lose Weight, Stop Smoking, Lose weight & Generally 'Be The Warrior'!

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