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Are You Fed Up Of Mediocre, and Ready To Increase Your Confidence, Energy, Self Esteem, and Overall ‘Go Get’ Attitidue? If So, ‘The Confidence Warrrior’ Program Could Be what You’ve Been Looking For To Blast Your Life
Into The Stratospere!!

Dear Future Warrior,

If you’re looking to learn how to boost your confidence, and results (in whatever area of your life) the you are in the RIGHT place.

If you’re you’re looking to increase your convidence to feel invincible when giving that presentation at work… To boost your self esteem after a bad relaationship, and rocket your pulling power from 1-100 in an instant… or even if your simply looking to start feeling great about yourself after a bad relationship, or some unexpected events that have taken their tole on your life then you are absolutely in the right place.

The reality is, it’s EASY to get swept up in the expernal influecnes in life.. It’s TOO easy to belive the negative self-talk that can swirl around your head, and it can get to the stage where you can start to belive the words of that ‘enery sapping’ friend or parents that ‘mean well’ but keep dragging you down. It’s not your fault that you’re feeling how you are! BUT… Things have to change.

Nothing Changes, If YOU Don’t…

Nothing Changes

If you’re at that place now, and you feel like things are just spiralling down, or feel like you’re never going to reach that goal- whatever it may be then you need a catylist to spark the change. You need not just a new way of looking at things but a new way of DOING things. A new strategy, or series of techniques to help you feel like the rock star you deserve to be. A way to ‘Unleash The Warrior!!’….
And that’s where I come in….

A Program Like No Other….

If you’re familiar with my style, or have downloaded my free guide (If you haven’t then click here and do it!!) then you’ll know that I’m not ‘quite’ like the hypnotherapists you may be used to. So, I’ve put together a program to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be- as directly and rapidly as possible.

I’m not a fan of delving deep into past trauma, and making you re-live moments you want to move on from and calling it ‘therapy’. No don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that traditional counslling and or Cognitive Behavoural Therapy isn’t great for some people BUT I’m saying it’s not how I work…

In this program I will help you get from NOW to where you want to be. This is about taking your past as a ‘given’ (after all we all have one, and it is always a part of who we are) helping you move forward from it, and make a fresh start from the moment we start working together.

Obviously, we will still work, together, on making you feel better about issues that may trouble, or situations where you don’t feel as good as you want to. BUT I will be focussing on helping you change that state of mind, and helping you change how you ‘feel’ in those situations rather than dwelling on the why’s. We will work together on identifying how you WANT to feel, and wha you WHAT to ahieve. We will put measurable targets and goals in place so that you know when you are there, and I will use a series of tools such as Rapid Results Hypnosis, NLP, Complete Mind Therapy to help you reprogram your mind for Confidence, Success, and the ultimate Confidence Warrior attitude.

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So, what Do I Get??

Not only does this Program include THREE One-One coaching sessions with me personally (either Face to Face or via Skype) But you will also be getting a whole range of aftercare support and tools to help make this program totally immersive, and to ensure you absolutely achieve what you want to achieve.

Module 1 :  2 one-one Confidence Warrior Sessions
Normally charged at £149 per session as a minimum, each of these sessions lasts 1 hour (although I recommend allocating an hour and a half, as I often over-run and want to focus on YOU rather than the clock) It is in these sessions we make the ‘Foundational’ changes to how you feel, how you think about yourself, how you think, and how you act. After all, if we can change your thouhts we can change your feelings and if we can change your feelings, and if we can change your feelings we can change your actions. This is the nuts and bolts of helping you Uneleash The Warrior.

Module 2 : The Confidence Warrior Workbook & ‘Life-Work’
If you speak to any confident, successful person they will tell you they think about their goals, they plan their time, and their life has a focus on balance. After all- what good is having a great job- if your work is ruining your health, and your family life? It is through your work book and ‘Life work’ exercises in between our sessions that you will start to form the new image of your life, your goals, and your own self image. This aspect of the program helps you remember that in life you should always make time for YOU!

Module 3: The Confidence Warrior Audio & Video Tools
Thes poweful hypnosis and NLP based audio programs are your ‘Warrior Power Tools’ to use in between our sessions… Over time the suggestions within them will become an automatic, reflex action in your life. Some of these may be a ‘Daily hypnotic Boost’ to help further  implant and cement important suggestions and some may be an ‘SOS’ style support- for you to listen to just before an interview, or a speech, or before you go out… or before a meeting or sports game- it’s about having the support there when you need it.

As you can see, this is far more than just ‘ a couple of hypnotherapy sessions’. This is about changing your feelings, your thoughts and ultimately your life so you can start living with the kind of confidence, self esteem and energy that you deserve…

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So This MUST Be Expensive??

Well… Normally I would charge an abosolute MINIMUM of £97 Per 1-1 coaching session with myself in person. So just for the 1-1 coaching you would normally expect to pay around £300 as a minium, and then there is the additional value of the after care support, audio programs, and the overall ‘immersive’ coaching experience.

A total special offer price of £397 would be a pretty amazing offer. At £349… It would be a STEAL!

However,  I want to do something a little crazy to celebrate the launch of my glamerous new Derby Practice and Office.. So, For a VERY limited time, and for my next 10 client only I would like to offer the entire Confidence Warrior Program for just £297.

Pricing 297

Is there a catch??

In a nutshell…. Yes. The catch is, I want no time wasters on this program and I am ONLY working with a maximum of 10 clients at this price. As a result this offier is likely to expire VERY quickly… and depending on demand you will either see the ‘new Price’ when you click the Get Started Link.. or it will mean that you will be shown a page offering you the chance to go onto a waiting list.

In addition I want this to be a RESULTS based program, and I want to work only with commited and results focussed people. This means I need to have the assuarnce that you’ll fully ‘dive’ into the program, and complete the exercises, follow the steps we lay out together.

For this reason I will be doing a Telephone consltation/ assessment with anyone who signs up.

So, are you ready to take the first step to change everything??

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