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Hypnotherapy In Derby From The Life Confidence Warrior!

Are you at the point where you just NEED something to change? Are you fed up of just 'Average' and ready for something bigger, and better? Whether it's my Fat Busting Weight Loss Program, or No Butts Stop Smoking Program you're in the right Place! Let Derby Hypnotherapist Wayne D help you! Are you ready to unleash the Warrior?

About Me

The Life Condfidence Warrior was born 27 years ago. Well, I was! Though the brand is far more recent! Even at just 27 years old I have been a fully qualified....
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How can I help?

So here’s the thing: if you’re here then I’m guessing you’re looking for results and for some kind of ‘change’ in your life. I’m guessting that you’re wanting to find that....
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Say Goodbye To Fat!

If weight loss is your 'struggle' then you're ABSOLUTELY in the right place! Larn about my no B.S. approach to taking control and getting...
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Get In Touch!

If you're ready to make changes in your life like never before, then contact me today, to arrange your free telphone consultation and unleash the...
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